What is stock footage?


Date : 2019-11-16 08:37:45

Category : Helpful Tips

Have you ever wondered what stock footage and stock photography are? We are happy to give you a brief explanation on what stock is, what's good stock, and even better stock! 


What can we consider stock? 
Anything can be stock! Yes, anything! From a simple shot of a hand pushing a doorknob to a breathtaking drone panorama of Manhattan. But the quality of the stock depends on its market demand. In most cases, drone panoramas and models are desired content, but checking out our newsletter for the latest stock trends and needs will really get you in the swing of things. 
In brief, stock footage, and other stock media such as photography and music, is:
1.       Reusable content many people can use and reuse in different ways and purposes
2.       Media that can be plugged into a larger work
3.       Content that saves producers costs and time
4.       Anything you can think of that will fit well into the first 3 criteria


What is stock used for? 
Stock content is mainly, but not only, used for advertising. You will also find a lot of stock footage being used for documentaries, film, and even youtube videos. Remember the photo of the guy sitting at his office desk smiling and giving a thumbs up? Well, that’s a very typical stock image found in countless advertisement productions. And, yes, it has been overdone, so we don’t always recommend it.  Commercial appeal and originality of content are of high importance. 


Stock saves time and money! 
While it's possible to make an entire advertisement using only stock videos, most times stock videos are one only part of the advertisement. After all, it’s much easier to plug in a 10-second stock video of the Great Wall of China into your ad, than going there to film it yourself. So a drone shot of the Great Wall of China is a great idea for a stock film and one that would always be a good earner for its creator. The reason for that being is, as mentioned above, the people creating the advertisements will save loads of time and travel expenses. Imagine yourself trying to make a minute-long clip of travel destinations, well that’s where you see how useful stock is. In just a few clicks you can have Paris, London, and Dubai footage and photos at your disposal. Or perhaps you’re looking for footage using models and don’t want to seek them out and film them? In a word, these are just some benefits that a purchaser of stock media gets.

Good stock is creative stock!
Stock is anything from simple videos and photos of everyday life situations, to travel photography, to 3d rendered images, to a mix of all. Better stock is, more often than not, material that is more difficult to shoot or find. Having models, drone shots, exotic locations, 3d renderings, will really boost your stock sales, as you will have less competition and higher demand. Uniqueness and creativity are also key, as the stock industry is always looking for ways to reinvent itself in an ever-growing world library of media.
By keeping these ideas in mind you can be on your way to earning an income through producing stock media. 

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